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Canada Tax Tips

Helpful Tax Resources

Here are some very useful tips and resources for preparing and filing taxes in Canada:

  • Canada Revenue Agency: CRA Home Page

  • Change your address at Canada Revenue Agency: Address change for Refund, GST, UCCB, CCTB, WITB, and Trillium Benefit

  • Disability Tax Credit: You, your spouse, or your child might be eligible

  • Family Caregiver Amount: Caring for your dependant with Physical or Mental Impairment

  • First-time (or Disabled Persons') Home Buyers' Tax Credit: You may qualify

  • Medical Expense Credit: Eligible expenses

  • Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant (OSHPTG): Bring in your property tax receipts to apply

  • Ontario Trillium Benefit: Combining benefits — paid monthly; bring in Rent and/or Property Tax Receipts

  • Pension Income Splitting: Keep more of your Retirement Income

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