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Personal Tax Returns : T1
Corporate Tax Returns: T2
Trust Tax Returns: T3

We are experts at Canadian income tax returns in a professional, affordable and timely manner.

We explore every deduction available to you to maximize your refund and credits. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, there is no fee, and you may take your information to another tax office.

We take pride in providing the biggest refunds at a lower price than our competitors. Tax laws and exemptions are constantly changing. We don’t take chances with your finances; our team is 100% updated on the newest policies and will speak with Canadian Revenue Agency on your behalf.

Come Experience The Differences We Provide:


  • Professional: Our team is well-trained with over 100 years of combined experience

  • Affordable: We offer much lower rates, and are committed to keeping them that way

  • Timely: 9 associates, including a dedicated office manager, help to eliminate wait times

We process all Canadian returns, including business, rental property, capital gains, employment expenses, deceased, etc.

You can be confident that you will get an error-free tax return. In fact, we guarantee accuracy or your money back.

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