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About Us

We Make It Easy To

Avoid penalties, interest, and interruption of your Child Benefits, GST Credit, and Trillium Benefit.


Three Easy Steps To Get Started:

  1. Make an appointment. Call us at 905-374-5080

  2. Gather your necessary paperwork. 

  3. Visit us for a no-obligation review. We'll prepare your return, and if you are not entirely satisfied with our service, there is no fee, and you’re free to take your information to another tax office.

We Guarantee Accuracy or Your Money Back


To ensure accuracy of your return, Luke Pignataro Tax Services use a rigorous system to review each return.

If we make any errors on your return, we will either reimburse our fees or any interest and penalties charged on additional taxes due!

We cannot assume liability for the additional taxes. Any additional taxes are the responsibility of the taxpayer. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to provide us with all relevant, accurate information for the preparation of their tax return.

Our Location

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