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What You Need To Bring To Us

For Speedy and Acurate Service, Bring All Relevant Documents


  • Employment Income (T4)
  • Employment Insurance Benefit (T4E)
  • Tuition and Support (2nd Careers) admin by Ministry of Universities, Colleges & Training (T4E)
  • Social Assistance, ODSP or WSIB Income (T5007)
  • Old Age Security Pension (T4OAS)
  • Canada Pension Plan Benefits (T4AP)
  • Universal Child Care Benefits (RC62)
  • Registered Income Fund Pension Income (T4RIF)
  • Registered Savings Plan Income (T4RSP)
  • Other Pensions and Annuities, Retiring Allowances (T4AP)
  • Apprenticeship Grants, Scholarships, Bursaries, Fellowship Income (T4A)
  • Registered Education Savings Plan income-RESP (T4A)
  • Wage Loss Replacement Income (T4A)
  • Tuition, Education, Textbook Amounts (T2202A)
  • Investment Income-Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains (T3, T5, T5008)
  • Profit Sharing Plan Income (T4PS)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan Contributions (RRSP including first 60 days of following year)
  • Foreign Pensions and Investment Income
  • Statement of Contract Payments-Construction Industry (T5018)


  • Rent or Property Taxes Paid
  • Senior Home Owners Property Tax Grant Notice
  • Medical Expenses including Dental, Prescriptions, Eyewear, Doctors Fees, Med Insurance Premiums, Mileage/Dates for out-of-town Appointments. For large numbers of prescription slips/dental, please ask pharmacy/dental office for SUMMARY
  • Charitable Donations (for up to 5 years)
  • Political Contributions (Federal & Provincial)
  • Child Care Expenses
  • Child or Spousal Support
  • Children’s Fitness/Activity/Arts Receipts
  • Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit Receipts (Seniors)
  • Union Dues or Professional Fees
  • Interest Paid on Student Loans
  • Interest Paid to Earn Investment Income
  • Carrying Charges
  • Public Transit Receipts
  • Tool Expenses for Tradespersons
  • Moving Expenses (40km+ move for new employment or post-secondary education)
  • Automobile Expenses (only for qualified employees (T2200) or self-employed)
  • Workspace-in-Home Expenses (only for qualified employees (T2200) or self-employed)
  • Travel Expenses (only for qualified employees (T2200) or self-employed)
  • Adoption Expenses

Other Documents:

  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notices of (Re)Assessment, Letters, Correspondence
  • Court Order or Separation Agreement
  • Business or Professional Income and Expenses-summarized
  • Rental Property Income and Expenses-summarized
  • Details of any Income Producing Property Purchases or Sales in the Year
  • Details of Purchases and Sale of Investments (if Sold)-Stocks, Bonds
  • Deed for House for First Time Homebuyers
  • Statement of Adjustments for Prepaid Property Taxes on Home Purchased or Sold in the Year
  • Northern Residence Deduction Particulars
  • T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment (filled out and signed by employer)
  • T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate (filled out by Physician)-Letter if approved by CRA
  • TL2 Claim for Meals and Lodging (signed by employer)

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